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Palin announces that she’s not running. David Frum says amen. Andrew Sullivan grieves awkwardly.

Sarah Palin released a letter yesterday officially announcing the non-news that she’s not running. She explained her low-key statement by telling Greta van Sustern, “I didn’t want my announcement to be all showboaty like that Christie guy.” Because that’s not … Continue reading

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A great sign for a Wall Street protester might say . . .


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Photo that will make you go “awwwww”

Too much gloom and doom in the world and on the blog. So here’s a crib full of napping baby pandas (via Boing Boing):

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Shorter books, please

Sam Harris on why most books are overly long: I love physical books as much as anyone. And when I really want to get a book into my brain, I now purchase both the hardcover and electronic editions. From the … Continue reading

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Surprising no one except Andrew Sullivan, Sarah Palin hints that she’s not running for President

Fans of Andrew Sullivan’s fine blog, The Dish, have endured his hundreds of posts* about the prospect of Sarah Palin seeking, then winning the Presidency. Eyes have rolled. And choruses of “there he goes again” have reverberated through the halls … Continue reading

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Rest: Musical composition to be played on dry cleaning equipment

I was unable to embed the video of Diego Stocco’s composition for dry cleaning equipment, but you can find it here. (Via Boing Boing).

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Is the FBI teaching its agents that American Muslims are incurably violent?

Spencer Ackerman contends in Wired that the FBI is secretly teaching its agents that American Muslims are inherently prone to violence and terrorism, and that their protestations to the contrary cannot be believed because they are religiously bound to conceal their devious plan: The … Continue reading

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