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Atlanta’s video surveillance plans

This, from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, does not strike me as an obviously necessary or positive development: [Atlanta’s new] downtown “Video Integration Center,” funded by a mix of private donations and public money, has already given Atlanta police links to more … Continue reading

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60% of college kids who buy computers get Macs

This statistic CNN Money: A relatively small survey from Hudson Square Research — 158 students in eight U.S. colleges and universities interviewed over the past three weeks — nonetheless yielded some striking results. According to a note to clients issued Monday … Continue reading

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The Voyager spacecraft — a progress report

Pop quiz:  The Voyager spacecraft was launched in 1977. In the ensuing 34 years it’s traveled how far: about 10 light years; about 1 light year; about 1 light month; or about 12 light hours. Answer: via Maggie Koerth-Baker on … Continue reading

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New appeals court ruling: Posting a copyrighted song to a file-sharing network can cost you up to $150,000 per track

The RIAA once made a habit of suing people en masse, often extracting small settlements from file-sharers before trial. So when Sony’s case against Joel Tenenbaum was not settled but tried, leading the jury to return a $675,000 verdict against … Continue reading

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Apple’s earbuds named “worst-sounding audio product”

Steve Guttenberg: I suppose it’s a good thing that Apple includes any headphones at all, but for such a quality-oriented company, why have they, year after year, included those awful headphones? . . . Apple’s ear buds’ comfort isn’t great, … Continue reading

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Escaped parrots are teaching their wild brethren to speak

Planet of the Apes may have focused on the wrong species: Native parrots, especially cockatoos, seem to be learning the art of conversation from their previously domesticated friends. The Australian Museum’s Search and Discover desk, which offers a free service … Continue reading

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Insulin nasal spray seems to help Alzheimers

The Consumerist: Researchers have found the daily dose of an insulin nasal spray may hinder the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients. A four-month study in Seattle found that the treatment improved memory and protected cognition and functional abilities of … Continue reading

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