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Steve Jobs on mortality as a gift

Today’s New York Times: In [his 2005 commencement address at Stanford], delivered after Mr. Jobs was told he had cancer but before it was clear that it would ultimately claim his life, Mr. Jobs told his audience that “death is … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist pastor instructs deacons to eject gay couple from service and then beat them

Balloon Juice takes us to this: No one would be surprised to learn that there are right-wing Christians in this country who disapprove of homosexuality. Neither would it come as a surprise that in rural parts of this country, Christianity … Continue reading

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Correspondence with a saint, Mr. Rogers

If any famous person in the Twentieth Century lived a more virtuous life than Fred Rogers, no one springs immediately to mind. His six-minute appearance in 1969 before the Senate subcommittee in charge of PBS funding is legendary, not only for its effectiveness … Continue reading

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Dead Sea Scrolls now online

The Israel Museum and Google have made the Dead Sea Scrolls available online, here. The video below explains a little about the significance of these ancient texts.

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Borowitz: “Pat Robertson Says Falling Satellite Means God Thinks Satellites are Gay, Warns NASA Against Launching Future Gay Objects”

Andy Borowitz:  VIRGINIA BEACH – Evangelist Pat Robertson sparked controversy in today’s broadcast of his 700 Club program by saying that the NASA satellite that plummeted to Earth did so “because God thinks satellites are gay.” “We have to remember that the heavens … Continue reading

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Is the FBI teaching its agents that American Muslims are incurably violent?

Spencer Ackerman contends in Wired that the FBI is secretly teaching its agents that American Muslims are inherently prone to violence and terrorism, and that their protestations to the contrary cannot be believed because they are religiously bound to conceal their devious plan: The … Continue reading

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The finest speech on religious freedom delivered in recent years is Mayor Bloomberg’s on the “Ground Zero Mosque”

The Tenth Anniversary of 9-11 is an ideal moment to recall Mayor Bloomberg’s August, 2010, speech defending the decision of the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission to authorize construction of a mosque and community center a couple of blocks from … Continue reading

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