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The new iPhone 4S camera seems to take much better photos — not just more pixels, but sharper images, better dynamic range, more accurate colors

Go here to Apple’s website and see a slideshow of unretouched photos taken by the iPhone 4S. As a photography enthusiast myself, I am blown away by the quality of these images. Usually tiny phone-sized sensors imply limited dynamic range … Continue reading

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Photo: Scary Wall Street protester — no wonder the NYPD needs mace and pepper spray

Apart from the fact that she’s allegedly 13 years old, who could arrest someone wearing that adorable hat?

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Citizen videos: both cause and potential remedy for NYPD misconduct in pepper-spraying Wall Street protesters

James Fallows follows up on the NYPD officer who recently pepper-sprayed a peaceful Wall Street protester: To me it’s obvious that the abuse stories would have disappeared if not for the videos. Very much like the original Rodney King police-beating video, … Continue reading

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Photo that will make you go “awwwww”

Too much gloom and doom in the world and on the blog. So here’s a crib full of napping baby pandas (via Boing Boing):

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Photo: Berlin night

The building with the crystal dome on top, which is near the right edge of the photo, is the Reichstag, where highly consequential votes will take place in the weeks ahead.

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Photo: tobacco break

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Why regulations exist: Can you ignite your tap water before it hits the sink?

Via the Wall Street Journal, this photo shows a woman lighting her tap water on fire in the aftermath of natural gas exploration near her home. It would seem that environmental regulation is necessary after all.

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