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Need help with your movie popcorn habit? Try eating it with your other hand

Via Andrew Sullivan we come to this study finding that grabbing the popped goodness using your non-dominant hand can significantly reduce the kind of eating that we indulge in out of habit rather than hunger: Participants ate out of habit, regardless of freshness, … Continue reading

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Michael Kinsley argues Governor Chris Christie is too fat to be President

I’m not sure obesity is always as medically straightforward as Michael Kinsley pretends in his Bloomberg op-ed: “Controlling what you eat and how much is not easy, and it’s harder for some people than for others. But it’s not as difficult … Continue reading

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The Feds now say it’s illegal for medical-marijuana users to own firearms. What’s the NRA to do?

Heads are exploding all around National Rifle Association headquarters, as the inflexible ideologues who run the NRA are beginning to realize that they must either stand up for dope-smokin’ sick people — not its most faithful constituency — or permit … Continue reading

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Insulin nasal spray seems to help Alzheimers

The Consumerist: Researchers have found the daily dose of an insulin nasal spray may hinder the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients. A four-month study in Seattle found that the treatment improved memory and protected cognition and functional abilities of … Continue reading

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Hurt by a spaceship or a parrot? The remarkably specific new insurance billing codes

Hospitals and doctors use a system of about 18,000 codes to describe medical services in bills they send to insurers. Apparently, these don’t allow for enough nuance. So a new version is in the works, the ICD-10, that will expand the number … Continue reading

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