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The environmental cost of eating shrimp is off the charts

Two vegetarian friends of mine, through their quiet example, have caused me to improve my approach to eating, at least sometimes. Although I will never achieve a “no meat” diet, I eat less of it than before, and I look … Continue reading

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New study debunks the myth that coal is cheap, and that greater reliance on it would promote economic growth

Brad Johnson: A new economic analysis of the costs of pollution to the United States finds that coal power is harming the economy. In the American Economic Review article “Environmental Accounting for Pollution in the United States Economy,” economists Nicholas … Continue reading

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Why regulations exist: Can you ignite your tap water before it hits the sink?

Via the Wall Street Journal, this photo shows a woman lighting her tap water on fire in the aftermath of natural gas exploration near her home. It would seem that environmental regulation is necessary after all.

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Escaped parrots are teaching their wild brethren to speak

Planet of the Apes may have focused on the wrong species: Native parrots, especially cockatoos, seem to be learning the art of conversation from their previously domesticated friends. The Australian Museum’s Search and Discover desk, which offers a free service … Continue reading

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The most anti-environment House in history

Via Kevin Drum, check out this handy searchable tool showing how alarmingly anti-environment the current Congress is:

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Rare kingfishers have hatched at the Smithsonian

Wired Magazine: “Two critically endangered Micronesian kingfishers, among the rarest animals in the world, hatched recently at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. These new chicks, a female hatched July 25 and a male hatched Aug. 20, boost the total world population … Continue reading

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