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Steve Jobs on mortality as a gift

Today’s New York Times: In [his 2005 commencement address at Stanford], delivered after Mr. Jobs was told he had cancer but before it was clear that it would ultimately claim his life, Mr. Jobs told his audience that “death is … Continue reading

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Photo: Scary Wall Street protester — no wonder the NYPD needs mace and pepper spray

Apart from the fact that she’s allegedly 13 years old, who could arrest someone wearing that adorable hat?

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Correspondence with a saint, Mr. Rogers

If any famous person in the Twentieth Century lived a more virtuous life than Fred Rogers, no one springs immediately to mind. His six-minute appearance in 1969 before the Senate subcommittee in charge of PBS funding is legendary, not only for its effectiveness … Continue reading

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Michael Kinsley argues Governor Chris Christie is too fat to be President

I’m not sure obesity is always as medically straightforward as Michael Kinsley pretends in his Bloomberg op-ed: “Controlling what you eat and how much is not easy, and it’s harder for some people than for others. But it’s not as difficult … Continue reading

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Citizen videos: both cause and potential remedy for NYPD misconduct in pepper-spraying Wall Street protesters

James Fallows follows up on the NYPD officer who recently pepper-sprayed a peaceful Wall Street protester: To me it’s obvious that the abuse stories would have disappeared if not for the videos. Very much like the original Rodney King police-beating video, … Continue reading

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Why is the New York Times’ coverage of the Wall Street protests so snarky and disparaging?

Here’s an excerpt from Ginia Bellafante’s snotty New York Times piece: By late morning on Wednesday, Occupy Wall Street, a noble but fractured and airy movement of rightly frustrated young people, had a default ambassador in a half-naked woman who called … Continue reading

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Surprising no one except Andrew Sullivan, Sarah Palin hints that she’s not running for President

Fans of Andrew Sullivan’s fine blog, The Dish, have endured his hundreds of posts* about the prospect of Sarah Palin seeking, then winning the Presidency. Eyes have rolled. And choruses of “there he goes again” have reverberated through the halls … Continue reading

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