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The “total return” for the broad stock market (S&P 500 Index) has declined by 30% in real terms since the March, 2000 peak

If you feel poorer despite continuing to add to your stock market savings, there’s good reason for that. Below is the chart. Note that the “red line” is the one you want. It’s inflation-adjusted and accounts for dividends (not fees … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs on mortality as a gift

Today’s New York Times: In [his 2005 commencement address at Stanford], delivered after Mr. Jobs was told he had cancer but before it was clear that it would ultimately claim his life, Mr. Jobs told his audience that “death is … Continue reading

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The new iPhone 4S camera seems to take much better photos — not just more pixels, but sharper images, better dynamic range, more accurate colors

Go here to Apple’s website and see a slideshow of unretouched photos taken by the iPhone 4S. As a photography enthusiast myself, I am blown away by the quality of these images. Usually tiny phone-sized sensors imply limited dynamic range … Continue reading

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New iPhone 4S — video of the “Siri” personal assistant in action — ad preview

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Fed Chief Bernanke to GOP legislators: stop sabotaging the economy

Kevin  Drum (via Professor DeLong): Bernanke to GOP: Stop Sabotaging the Economy: From Ben Bernanke, in testimony before Congress today:  The recovery is close to faltering. It’s good to see that someone is noticing. In Bernanke’s prepared remarks, after noting tight credit, … Continue reading

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The good and the bad of the new iPhone 4S

The New York Times “Bits” blog summarizes the good: . . . [Yesterday] Apple announced a device that on the outside, looks exactly like the iPhone 4. . . .  The new iPhone features make it a different phone than … Continue reading

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Give this Wall Street protester a microphone !!!

Actually, Fox News did give him a microphone. But they didn’t air the interview. Can’t imagine why. (The New York Observer via Balloon Juice)

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