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New iPhone 4S — video of the “Siri” personal assistant in action — ad preview


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Fed Chief Bernanke to GOP legislators: stop sabotaging the economy

Kevin  Drum (via Professor DeLong): Bernanke to GOP: Stop Sabotaging the Economy: From Ben Bernanke, in testimony before Congress today:  The recovery is close to faltering. It’s good to see that someone is noticing. In Bernanke’s prepared remarks, after noting tight credit, … Continue reading

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Video break: Big mastiff spars with tiny chihuahua – cute!

(Spotted by The Dish.)

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Fundamentalist pastor instructs deacons to eject gay couple from service and then beat them

Balloon Juice takes us to this: No one would be surprised to learn that there are right-wing Christians in this country who disapprove of homosexuality. Neither would it come as a surprise that in rural parts of this country, Christianity … Continue reading

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Senator McCain is not cooperating with Dick Cheney’s continuing campaign to legitimize “enhanced interrogations.”

As he makes the rounds peddling his new book, Dick Cheney continues his effort to convince the country that the program he refers to as “enhanced interrogations,” but most everyone else refers to as torture, was not only lawful, but … Continue reading

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The good and the bad of the new iPhone 4S

The New York Times “Bits” blog summarizes the good: . . . [Yesterday] Apple announced a device that on the outside, looks exactly like the iPhone 4. . . .  The new iPhone features make it a different phone than … Continue reading

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The GOP’s opposition to red tape does not seem to apply to their drive to make it more difficult for the young and the poor to vote

Andrew Sprung makes such a good point: The New York Times’ front-page review of efforts by Republican-controlled state governments to prevent “voter fraud” — i.e., voting by people who in the good old days would have failed to meet property … Continue reading

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