How the Great Recession affects the politics of twenty-somethings

Zac Morgan on Frum Forum:

It’s a funny thing when my generation is being crushed by both the short-term crisis (which has exploded unemployment among the 18-29 cohort) and the long-term crisis (which will leave us with greatly reduced social insurance 40 years down the road).

So the more plans on the table with entitlements, whether it’s the Chilean Model, changing the way we index benefits from wage growth to inflation, or even raising the payroll tax cap; color me as Ross Perot: all ears. Frankly, I look forward to Governor Perry’s actual plan (as opposed to him just noticing that the math doesn’t add up).

Morgan’s concern about losing Social Security, though understandable given the rhetoric of the least responsible GOP presidential contenders, is not factually justified. (Medicare is another story, but it’s crucial to distinguish between these two very different programs.)


About Guy N. Texas

Guy N. Texas is the pen name of a lawyer living in Dallas, who is now a liberal. He was once conservative, but this word has so morphed in meaning that he can no longer call himself that in good conscience. Guy has no political aspirations. He speaks only for himself.
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