Photograph: “The Charles Bridge”

The Charles Bridge, on which construction began in 1357, was the only land route across the Vltava river in Prague for centuries. (Antonin Dvorak, whose chamber music composition is featured in the previous post, lived in Prague for much of his life.)

The Charles Bridge, Prague


About Guy N. Texas

Guy N. Texas is the pen name of a lawyer living in Dallas, who is now a liberal. He was once conservative, but this word has so morphed in meaning that he can no longer call himself that in good conscience. Guy has no political aspirations. He speaks only for himself.
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4 Responses to Photograph: “The Charles Bridge”

  1. GinaYana says:

    Was just in Prague actually! It was amazing and beautiful. I loved it!

  2. vance wittie says:

    There’s a great retro quality in this photograph. It looks like it was taken in the early days of photography.

    • Guy N. Texas says:

      Gracias! It was taken in the afternoon on a day with few clouds, conditions that unlikely to produce a memorable photo. It’s been photoshopped to within an inch of its life to overcome that problem.

  3. hortonw says:

    It’s one of the few bridges I have crossed that is beautiful both up close and viewed from a distance in its larger context.

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