Reader mail: question about yodeling

Anonymous asks:

Question:   Is yodeling considered classical music, and, if so, will you be featuring it on “Notes and Rests”?

Answer:   Yodeling is a vocal technique in which the performer rapidly alternates between a lower note (sung with the “chest voice”) and a higher note (sung with the “head voice”), kind of like a Tarzan yell, but better controlled and more musical. It’s not easy to do well. While one could theoretically yodel any melody, including a Mozart tune, Guy does not know enough about yodeling to make detailed recommendations. So you will need to turn elsewhere for your yodeling fix. For example, have you considered buying a Yodeling Pickle? This review on raves about it:

I loaned my iPod to my kid and he broke it. This understandably bummed me out, since I really enjoy taking long walks on the beach while listening to some tune-age. I’m kinda low on funds, so buying a replacement iPod wasn’t an option for me. I was very fortunate to discover the Yodeling Pickle. I have been super pleased with the results. First of all, as luck would have it, the Yodeling Pickle just happens to yodel all of my favorite tunes that were stored on my iPod. Hits like “Bobbejaan Schoepen yodels the collected works of Black Sabbath” and of course Slim Whitman’s edgy yodeling rendition of “Baby Got Back.”

I have withheld one star from my review however, giving the Yodeling Pickle just four of five possible stars. There isn’t a headphone jack, which is only a problem if the folks around me don’t appreciate yodeling, (which almost NEVER happens). Also, I was accustomed to carrying the iPod strapped to my arm with the elastic armband accessory. Nothing like this is available for the pickle. On my beach walks, I’ve found that the pickle can be carried around by conveniently tucking it down into the front of my Speedo. I’ve met tons of nice ladies on the beach since scoring the pickle. I can only assume they dig yodeling as much as I do.

It’s a great portable music solution for yodeling fans. Cheaper than an iPod and the chicks seem to dig it.

So there you have it, Anonymous. Get yourself a Yodeling Pickle and please do not send Guy any more silly questions.


About Guy N. Texas

Guy N. Texas is the pen name of a lawyer living in Dallas, who is now a liberal. He was once conservative, but this word has so morphed in meaning that he can no longer call himself that in good conscience. Guy has no political aspirations. He speaks only for himself.
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7 Responses to Reader mail: question about yodeling

  1. vance wittie says:

    Who was the virtuoso yodeler featured in “Raising Airzona”?

  2. Guy N. Texas says:

    Judging from the reviews, the “Raising Arizona” yodel is not in the repertoire of the Yodeling Pickle. So no idea.

  3. hortonw says:

    If you are going to embrace snowy symbolism you should also embrace yodeling. I have spent some fine days in the Swiss Alps and recommend the yodeling more highly than the cuisine.

  4. hortonw says:

    I once mocked the Christmas Pickle and was told that it is an important culture symbol to some group of which I am not a member. Be careful around pickles.

  5. Stevie says:

    The review for the so-called yodeling pickle is so glowing, that I feel you must have an investment in the company, Texas Guy. Good thing too, what with the disasterous day on Wall St as the pickle will undoubetedly make a fortune as the prices for smart-phones and everything else continue to rise and jobs continue to shrink. Perhaps, too, there is a market for the pickle in the pharmaceutical industry?

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