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Summing up and moving on: The future direction of “Notes and Rests”

[NOTE: IF YOU ARE NEW HERE, READ IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER — that is, start at the oldest post on the last page and move up. Thanks.] I never really know what a writing project is about until I’m several days into … Continue reading

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The Republican (“Paul Ryan”) plan to end Medicare as we know it

Economist Paul Krugman calls it “ludicrous and cruel.“

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Highlighting the pernicious effects of Grover Norquist’s pledge never to increase taxes, ever, no matter what

Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, is a strategist who has been playing a brilliant long game. More on that later. For now, two points: (1)  Norquist’s goal, as he has stated, is to reduce government to … Continue reading

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The extraordinary influence of’s Erick Erickson on the House GOP “tea partiers”

It’s too bad I tend to write about what I think is true, rather than what serves me best, because being a blogger for the far right looks to be a much better job. In this “tweet” (what a silly … Continue reading

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Highlighting the bias of an important singer: The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page

Although I no longer subscribe, I read the WSJ for many years and generally admire their reporters. But the editorial page often takes positions so far to the right as to lack credibility. Turns out, the editorial writers more or … Continue reading

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Rest: “Stand By Me” in four-part harmony, while standing in line at Hardees

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la la la … LA LA LA …

The Constitutional machinery of our government, I am pleased to report, is performing as designed. It is supposed to be hard — very difficult indeed — to cram major changes in substantive policy down the throats of the American people … Continue reading

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